Aqours Devil Idolized – Hanamaru

Character: Hanamaru Kunikida 
Version: Devil Idolized
Series: Love Live Sunshine
Photographers: @girlsbutts @sojians
Location: LA county Pumpkin Fest
Date: Oct 2019

Made this Hanamaru cosplay for 2019 Halloween. I’ve previously decided to decrease the amount of Love Live cosplays I made, so had a long debate on whether to make this cosplay or not.

Ultimately was won over to make it when @princess_ashleia convinced me. Unfortunately, she was unable to make it to the photoshoot and we decided to re-shoot this set another time as her as Riko and me as Chika.

Was pretty rushed that day so ended up forgetting an arm piece, which I later photoshopped on and used yellow contacts instead of brown as I couldn’t find my brown pair before I left.

The cosplay itself was a bit rushed too as I underestimated the amount of work I would have to put in. I’ll post my work in progress stuff in a different post later.