Hanamaru Sunflowers – Love Live Sunshine

Photographer: SakuraPrincePhotography Date: June 2021 Finally started doing photoshoots again this month. I’m still playing it safe with 1:1 or small groups only. Don’t think I’ll do as many photoshoots … Read More

B/W School Girl With Gun

Photographer: @thejungkim Assistant: @tiao.psd Model: @smilingbubble Date: March 2020 Last photoshoot of 2020 before the Coronavirus quarantine started. Due to the current situation, we used a fabric background in a … Read More

Peachy Pink Flowergirl

Back when my real hair was pinkish brown. I used L’Oreal 721 Dark Mauve Blonde to get this color, but it didn’t last long. Went with a more light make-up … Read More

Aqours Devil Idolized – Hanamaru

Character: Hanamaru Kunikida Version: Devil Idolized Series: Love Live Sunshine Photographers: @girlsbutts @sojians Location: LA county Pumpkin Fest Date: Oct 2019 Made this Hanamaru cosplay for 2019 Halloween. I’ve previously … Read More

Kuroneko – Oreimo

[pfhub_portfolio_portfolio id=”44″] Kuroneko (Ruri Gokou) Series: Oreimo Photographer: cosmatcha Sept 2019