Kemonomimi Fox Fashion Photoshoot

Went to a kemonomimi gathering that @mintyfoxcosplay hosted! Was nice to see so many people in a more casual setting. Photographer: @tiao.psd December 2018 Also did a mini-shoot with @yuna.banana … Read More

Abigail Spring Casual – FGO

Did a reshoot of Abigail at a photo studio a while back. Really like how the pink background turned out! Character: Abigail Williams – Foreigner class Spring casual vers Series: … Read More

Platelet – Cells at Work

Shot these at IKEA, was pretty surprised that we didn’t get kicked out of the store. I’m wearing shorts, but unfortunately it was too short for it to really show…. … Read More

Summer Nitocris (Assassin) – FGO

My original cosplay plan was changed due to a schedule change with my cosplay group. Thankfully @mintyfoxcosplay lent me her extra cosplay! I should also start packing an extra cosplay … Read More

Nijima Makoto Queen – Persona5

I wore this cosplay at 110+F weather at Anime Expo 2018, which wasn’t the smartest decision physically, but it was a really fun time! Initially, the guardrail wasn’t there but … Read More

Marine Idolized – Love Live

Photographer: Howl of Dawn Honoka: Seamstressful CosplayKotori: Celestial SkyeUmi: @princess_ashleiaHanayo: Emi BubbleRin: @pasteliakittyNico: Kitty MennieMaki: @yuna.bananaEli: @vixeykumaNozomi: Eri Kagami Sews

Nadeshiko & Rin – Yuru Camp

Usually try to narrow down the number of photos in an album but these all turned out so great! Shout out to the people who set up the campsite since … Read More