Hanamaru Sunflowers – Love Live Sunshine

Photographer: SakuraPrincePhotography Date: June 2021 Finally started doing photoshoots again this month. I’m still playing it safe with 1:1 or small groups only. Don’t think I’ll do as many photoshoots … Read More

Aqours Devil Idolized – Hanamaru

Character: Hanamaru Kunikida Version: Devil Idolized Series: Love Live Sunshine Photographers: @girlsbutts @sojians Location: LA county Pumpkin Fest Date: Oct 2019 Made this Hanamaru cosplay for 2019 Halloween. I’ve previously … Read More

Aqours Rock Gang- Hanamaru

Photographer: @sojians  Model: @smilingbubble Location: MODS Museum  Date: July 2019  Made this Hanamaru cosplay for Anime Expo Aqours concert 2019. Unfortunately, my full group got separated before a group photo, … Read More

Love Live! – Taisho Romance

We had to wake up pretty early for this photoshoot since there is less people and better lighting that way. We had 3 photographers to help us make our time … Read More

Card Captor Sakura Aqours

Anime Los Angeles 2019 my cosplay group did a cosplay of the Card Captor Sakura X Aqours set designed by @0_ChianChian_0 (Twitter) Since it was a fanart, everyone had to … Read More

Platelet – Cells at Work

Shot these at IKEA, was pretty surprised that we didn’t get kicked out of the store. I’m wearing shorts, but unfortunately it was too short for it to really show…. … Read More