Erika – Shadowverse

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Anime Expo 2017

Photographer: Mobius Photog

I used to play a lot of Shadowverse (writing this in 2021). I also did think about cosplaying as Luna as she is my favorite character, but went with Erika as I really wanted to improve my armor work after my mediocre first experience. (Asuna SAO Fanart version, my armor fell apart in the middle of photoshoot so had to trash it) I decided to invest some money into it and made my first worbla armor.

This was the first time I used the foam sheet + stretch vinyl method to make the 3D-looking gold pieces on the lower portion of the costume.

Along with the costume and armor, I also made a pair of fake breasts out of silicon, foam, and fabric. The photo below shows it in the fabric and foam stage. I did use make-up to try to match it to my skin tone, but it looked a little shiny in photos, so had to edit some photos to make it look matte.

This is the basic tutorial I used to make mine. I read up about the silicon pouring in a Tumblr blog. The silicon will make it more life-like by giving some texture, but it is a messy job that can leave drip spots if you’re not careful.

Overall I’m really proud of this cosplay. Some things I’ll change in the future are

  • Making sure my wig isn’t sticking to my face due to sweat
  • Carrying a change of shoes
  • Checking where the photoshoot will be and the time it’ll take to get there (I almost passed out while standing in the sun for the AX shuttle to get to the photoshoot location)

(Blog writing: 4/7/2021)