Flower Circle – Love Live SIFAC WIP

Made Flower Circle Watanabe You from SIFAC! This was a really fun cosplay to make, I enjoyed working with flowers and adding the overlay.

Full work-in-progress available on Instagram @smilingbubble

From SIFAC’s Twitter


I altered a white dress to make this. I took off the sleeves and back zipper, then shorten the length of the dress.

Original Dress
Photo by @tiao.psd

The dress originally came with ruffle trims, so painted that blue using fabric paint. Blue tulle was added over the skirt and bodice. Along with a 3inch lace trim (on top), elastic (to hold everything up), and green ribbon for a halter neck on top of the bodice.


Used the leftover fabric from the skirt. Spray painted the ends using Tulip neon blue fabric dye. But didn’t like the result so removed the dye with a remover and used regular fabric paint.


Cut out the vinyl fabric into a belt shape. Spent an hour gluing rhinestones onto the vinyl fabric using E6000. I could have bought rhinestone flowers and rhinestone trims from the dollar store, but wanted to use what I had. Added velcro on the underside so the center panel is removable. Poked holes in the edges and added a ribbon to it.

Similar belts can also be found online if you search for wide corset belts.


My favorite part. Glued on the flowers first by using hot glue for placement, then used E6000 for the places that needed a more permanent hold.


Photographer: @remcreate

Full album here