Hanamaru – Jingle Bells ga Tomaranai

I’ve never done a Christmas cosplay and decided to make this quick cosplay based on the Live version of Aqours Christmas outfit. These are the only photos that I took, but I had fun dancing to Jingle Bells ga Tomaranai!

This is the Live outfit that I based mine on. I decided to just make the cape and skirt and use what I have for others.

I bought the fabric at Jo-Ann in their Christmas fleece section. I only bought 1 package of the 2 yards. I pleated it first and sewed the ends so it’ll be easier for me to handle them.

For the trim, I attached a lace trim with a pleated trim to create a more fancy look.

For the cape, I really did try to find an off-colored white satin, but my local Jo-Ann didn’t carry any. I was also a bit disappointed that I couldn’t find any sheer material with rhinestones (so I can overlay) nor could I find satin with rhinestones.

So I decided to just make it with the fabric I already have and add the rhinestones by hand. The rhinestones are 5mm hotfix. These took a long time and is not as stable as I would like, but I do have a lot of extras with me.

The collar’s gold piece was sewed on with hand stitching. The belt was purchased on Aliexpress. The wrist piece was made with some extra fur fabric and snap buttons.