Hanamaru – Love Live (Mitaiken HORIZON)

I’ve been cosplaying Hanamaru for a while now. While I do cosplay other Aqours characters, Maru is my favorite Love Live girl! I’ve been collecting some of her merchandise when I can. Also thank you to people who’ve helped to contribute to my collection. So did a mini photoshoot for Hanamaru’s birthday with my small collection.

I wanted to wear this outfit when I visited Serizawa Kojiro Memorial Hall in Numazu as it is where the Mitaiken HORIZON PV was based. The original trip was canceled due to Covid-19, however I’m hopeful that I’m able to visit in 2022 and wear that outfit.

I also did a short portion of the dance that I learned for my dance group (Irodori Idols).

OT: Trying out this layout for the gallery, I’m not sure if I like this or the previous version more.