Hanayo Unidolized Wonderland – Love Live Cosplay

It’s been quite a while since I’ve cosplayed Muse (I think my last one was Kotori in …. 2018?). I’ve been carrying this cosplay since 2018 and finally had the chance to wear it when a fairy light photoshoot idea came up.

I’m trying to lessen the number of cosplays I make this year and wear some of the cosplays I’ve bought pre-Covid. Hopefully, I’m able to lessen my closet space and take a step back as I’m still not sure what my convention schedule is going to be like with Covid. (I’ve already canceled Anime Los Angles, Anime Impulse, and Katsucon this year 💸) I also got a lot of changes in my life going on this year, so will be taking it easy!

Photographer: sojian