How to refill on KakaoPage with no Korean bank account

Part 2 on my Korean Web Novel series! (Part 1 is here)

***Currently Happy Money does require you to verify your account using a Korean phone number***

While there are many things I don’t like about KakaoPage, since they have the monopoly I’ll pay the overlords to read more novels.

If you’re able to make a KakaoPage account by using a Korean phone for verification, you’re one step closer to being able to fully read on KakaoPage!

As explained in Part 1, there are free novels and webtoons available however you’ll probably end up paying to get the full experience.

You can’t use a non-Korean credit card or bank account to refill your account. So a 3rd party payment like HappyMoney (해피머니) or Cultural Gift Certificate (문화상품권) will have to be used.

I personally use HappyMoney so will be talking about that.

Step 1: Buy HappyMoney credit on a 3rd Party Website

I used both PinBank and SEAGM before and they work with PayPal.

SEAGM costs me $33.97 USD for a 30,000KRW and PinBank costs $30.38 USD. They both can depend on exchange rates.


If this is your first time ordering with PinBank they do request a verification of your payment card via photo.

After ordering, you will receive an email that contains the gift card information.

Step 2: Input the information into HappyMoney

Go to HappyMoney website and make a new account if you haven’t. You’ll need a Korean phone number again to get yourself verified.

When making a password, just be aware that their keyboard doesn’t automatically turn off caps lock.

Go to Happy Money refill and input the information that was sent to your email.

Step 3: Refill KakaoPage via HappyMoney

Log onto your KakaoPage and go to refill cash.

Select the amount you want to refill. As a note, if you refill more than 30,000KRW per month, you will have to reverify your information using a Korean phone.

Choose HappyMoney as the payment method and log in to your HappyMoney account to finish paying.

Congratulations, now you’re done! Since this method is pretty long, I prefer to check on other platforms before buying on KakaoPage.

As a last note, if you refill on the 1st of the month (in Korea time), you are eligible to receive cashback. I receive 4000KRW for refilling 30,000KRW.

16 Comments on “How to refill on KakaoPage with no Korean bank account”

  1. Hello! I happened to come across this guide while looking up how to buy stuff on KakaoPage, and I appreciate you taking the time to write it out! I have a question: when you were verifying your phone number on HappyMoney, did you borrow a Korean family/friend’s number? It looks like it only allows the typical KR cellphone verification services and it looks like it’s not possible for international users

    1. Hi, happy to see that this is actually searchable
      I used one of my family’s for verification. (Someone who wasn’t using it as you can only use the name/number once)
      Currently, I don’t think it’s possible for international users due to verification. You can try looking into a different 3rd party varification service or getting a Korean SIM card. (Maybe Reddit can be helpful in that regards?)
      I do hope that Kakaopage will update their app to be more user friendly and international friendly like Naver Series

  2. Hi! I was wondering were did you Log-in, did you use the Kakaopage app or via browser?

    I tried in the app but I can’t seem to find the “cash charge,” while I can’t log-in in the browser since it keeps redirecting me to the app.

    I would really appreciate your help. I just bought Happy Money but can’t seem to use it in Kakaopage.

    Thank you!

      1. I’m stuck in “step 3: Refill Kakaopage with happy money.” I can’t seem to find 캐시 충전, I only have the options 캐시 내역 and 이용권 내역

  3. Hi, I want to buy happy money from seagm
    But I’. got trouble when registered to Happy money.
    Is there any other way to get a phone verification as I don’t have korean number ?

    1. Currently I don’t think so, a lot of online stuff requires a Korean phone number. You can try emailing the customer service for varification and see if your regular gov id would work but I wouldn’t count on it.

  4. So I want to ask
    I have buy happy money gift on seagm
    I got the code etc.
    Am I still need to make happy money acc ? as I see you need to log in into HM when refill the cash

  5. Hello! Thanks for taking your time to do this^^ I have a question for u, when u buy this, can u get through the webtoon which is need age verification?

  6. do you know how to redeem culture cash gift card without a korean phone number? I know that we can do that with happy money but i was wondering if culture cash does that too…

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