Intro to Korean Romantic Fantasy Web Novels (로판 소설) – Platforms

Since I haven’t been able to go outside due to Coronavirus, I’ve been reading a lot of Korean Romantic Fantasy novels. Writing this to explain the basics and some reviews.

A lot of 로판 (romantic-fantasy, going to use RF here for short) has the main female character brought from IRL to a book they read usually as a side/minor character or female antagonist. I’m going to reference MC as the main character of the novel, and TP as the true protagonist of the novel before MC fell into that world. However, there are definitely those without such theme. (Will be talking more about this in a future post) Sometimes these are classified under TL (teen love) as well.

I read these in Korean, but I’m most comfortable in English so writing this out in English. (Who knows maybe this will be helpful to someone?) Will be discussing various platforms on this post.


I usually use Aladin(알라딘) to buy my eBooks as I like their ebook platform the most. While keyword searching or review system isn’t the best, I usually get my recommendations from somewhere else anyway 

  2. Webtoons 
  3. RF chatrooms on Kakaotalk
  4. Joara: free internet writing site

Out of the apps listed here, this app offers the least amount of RF. But they offer a lot of coupons and mileage service. 1 volume of novel is about $3 USD, and about 4-7 volumes per novel series. 

The eBook app (알라딘 ebook) has the easiest access to dictionary (which I need!) 

Source: Daisy (데이지)

I also love their page-flipping feature since it’s easier to use one hand to flip pages. 

Here’s the rest of the ebook settings.

This app is the only app that will fully let me take a screenshot inside the books.


Kakaopage (카카오페이지 shortened to 카카페) has the most amount of novels. Kakaopage mainly runs on new novels where new sections of novels/webtoons will be posted every weekday (or whichever days of the week) until the series is finished. Bonus chapters that are unavailable in other apps might be available here.

Some novels will offer 1 free new sections available for 3 days every 12 or 24hrs. So it’s a good way to find new authors and test the waters. Usually, Kakaopage will offer the first 3 sections + 2 sections of the novel for free.

A full novel is about 150 sections, unlocking a section costs 100 cash = 10 US cents. So it’s about $15 USD to fully read. Compared to other platforms, it is cheaper. However, the purchased items will only last 3 years.


You can earn cash to read the novels via downloading apps, signing up for services, gacha etc but it’s pretty minimal.

I can’t use my VISA credit card directly on here (I’ll do a tutorial on this later) and if I cash in more than $30 in a short amount of time the app asks me to verify my identity via a Korean cellphone. I don’t own a Korean cellphone so I try to limit myself on this platform.

Purchased pass is ONLY AVAILABLE FOR THE NOVEL YOU BOUGHT IT FROM. I didn’t know this first so I now have 50+ passes in a novel that I already finished….

I don’t like how you can’t change the font, you can get a black background with white font but it also inverts the cover image colors.

They have a detailed search system if you’re looking for something new to read. 

Not too sure why, but 19+ novels on other platforms are listed as 15+ here.


Ridibooks (리디북스) had the easiest registration and identity verification process (emailed to customers helpdesk a photo of my driver’s license and credit card [with certain information hidden]. You can purchase the fully finished novels here along with continuing novels like in Kakaopage. 

Source: Suddenly I Became a Princess / Who Made me a Princess (어느날 공주가 되어버렸다)

Viewer setting is like this, pretty basic ebook settings. 

I like the comment/review sections being really active compared to Aladdin. Also, enjoy their search system and novel guides. 

Source: Reseting Lady (리셋팅 리이디)

They also have a YouTube channel where they feature some novels.


Naver Series (네이버 시리즈) is a very popular site, however I usually don’t use it. It’s most similar to KakaoPage with its weekly webtoons and daily novel updates, but with an actual viewer setting!

The cost of novel is the same as KakaoPage with 10 cents per section.

I had some trouble getting my account verified via mobile. So I would recommend getting on a PC to get that part done. 


There are more platforms available but I’m pretty happy circulating between these apps.

Survey in a chat I’m in:

This blog post was copied from my old blogger posts, if there is any problem on viewing the images please let me know.