Lindo T-Shape Backdrop Stand Review

Since my work wanted me to telecommute, I decided to invest in backdrop stand to hide things if my room was too messy. My desk is located directly infront of sliding mirror doors so it definitely shows everything.

I tried using my current room divider (made from IKEA rack and curtain) but it was a little too low.

Found this on Amazon for a pretty decent price. Since it didn’t cost much was expecting something pretty low quality. But I did want to take some photos using this stand and some fabrics as backdrop.

This is what it came with, a carrying bag, arm pipes, base stand, and 5 clips.

Setting up was pretty easy and low tech. Just allign the two pipes together and insert it into the screw thread.

Looked like this when I finished up setting up and hung a blanket to the clips. I’ll buy some more clips as the weight of this fabric did cause some snags/wrinkles.

Did a few test on what types of photos I could take.

Looks like sitting is fine, but need to be cautious for full body. I’ll probably have to extend the background with photoshop when doing full-body photos, but I don’t have much plans to take a lot of full body photos anyway. I can probably get away with cropping the photo or just position the backdrop better for the rest.

Overall it was a good purchase and hopefully I’ll be able to purchase a camera sooner or later to go along with it. Until then I’ll just be taking photos on my phone.