Meiko Namiki – iDOLM@STER

Did of cosplay test of Meiko’s Traveling Dancer for my iDOLM@STER dance group.

Theme was unvoiced idols as an April Fools joke.

Also did a solo dance of Onegai Cinderella since I want to start recording some of the dances that I know while in quarantine. I think I’m starting to get the hang of the settings to record it.

Currently using the front of my camera in regular settings to record the dance. Then editing the lighting and filter/frames via Snow. Finally, KineMaster is used to add the smaller original dance video (if available/needed).

I’m not the best dancer nor good at memorizing. So I prefer to just record in my room where I have multiple chances of getting the dance, rather than going outside and having people watch me struggle for 30 min lol. My backyard is not cute as well and I don’t like letting my family see what I’m up to.

My room is pretty cluttered, but I do have a small silver of blank wall space to work in vertical mode. My laundry basket and empty Amazon boxes are located here, but it is workable. I also use an old yoga mat when I’m wearing shoes or jumping too much. I previously used a background stand to film but it became too much work to set it up every single time.

I’m moving next year, so I’ll be more conscious of floor space since I would like to eventually film in horizontal mode in my room.