Pilot Kakuno Fine-Nib Fountain Pen Review

After 4 years, the nib on my turquoise Pilot fountain pen became too worn out. I still owned a bunch of ink cartridges so looked for a cheap fountain pen that can use the same ink cartridge.

I was a little skeptical with the Pilot Kakuno pen with its cheap price, but decided to bite the bullet as I can easily return on Amazon.

The packaging and the item looked really cute when it arrived!

The listing said ‘soft’ which I accidently understood as ‘squishy’ but it’s just a regular plastic barrel.

These are the ink cartridges that I own. For this fountain pen you could also add a refillable cartridge, but I prefer not to mess with ink.

The fountain pen did come with one ink cartridges and it was the same kind as the IC-100.

The packaging also came with instructions in Japanese.

Here is a writing sample. I used Leuchtturm1917’s dotted paper. I was happy that it didn’t bleed through and the writing experience was nice.

The pen is pretty light compared to a metal body fountain pen, but I feel like I can easily get used to it.

Overall, I’m very happy with my purchase. If you’re a beginner who is looking for a cheap fountain pen to try and don’t mind the plastic body, would definitely reccomend.