Refilling and Verification on RidiBooks

Welcome to part 3 of the Korean Web Novel series! (Check out Part 1 and Part 2 as well)

Going to talk about RidiBooks in-depth since that is probably the easiest platform you can use outside of Korea. (No Korean phone verification needed and can use a foreign credit card)

Making an Account

First go to RidiBooks to make an account.

Go to your email and input the verification code into Ridibook’s website.

If you need to verify that you are an adult, send a 1:1 message to Ridibooks and send them a photo of your ID in the attachment section. They should send you a message back saying you’re verified in a day or two.


You can use a foreign VISA card here, but the setting does take a while to load up.

First log-in to your Ridibooks account via app or website. For app, select the ‘My’ icon.

I personally like to refill 50,000 KRW at the start of the month to the app since I get more points that way. But you could also pay as you go with each individual book.

Select the amount you want to refill.

Select the method you want to pay. I’m using foreign issued credit card. (works on debit card too)

Input all the payment information.

Now you’re done!


Purchasing an item is also pretty straightforward. Go to the book title you want to purchase, if there are multiple volumes select the volumes you want to purchase. Then press the blue purchase now button or put it in your cart.

Ridibooks should automatically remove the cost of the item from your refilled account. If you didn’t refill, the payment method is the same as the ‘refilling’ section.

Happy reading!