Summer Nitocris (Assassin) – FGO

My original cosplay plan was changed due to a schedule change with my cosplay group. Thankfully @mintyfoxcosplay lent me her extra cosplay! I should also start packing an extra cosplay … Read More

Nijima Makoto Queen – Persona5

I wore this cosplay at 110+F weather at Anime Expo 2018, which wasn’t the smartest decision physically, but it was a really fun time! Initially, the guardrail wasn’t there but … Read More

Nano – Nichijou

Nano Sinonome from Nichijou Cosplay worn at Anime Expo 2017 Photographer Mobius Photography Cosplay made & worn Emi Bubble  Originally the screw on the back was supposed to rotate, but … Read More

Ignia – Elsword

[pfhub_portfolio_portfolio id=”17″] Ignia from Elsword Anime Expo 2017 Photographs taken by Mobius Photography Cosplay made and worn by Emi Bubble Took a lot of new skills to make this cosplay … Read More

PPP – Kemono Friends

Photographer: SyncOn Photography PPP (ペパプ, Pepapu) from Kemono FriendsAnime Expo 2017Photographer: Mobius Photography—Royal: SmilingbubbleEmperor: DemoiselleHumboldt: Mintyfox CosplayRockhopper: iHentaiSenpaiGentoo: Kasuplay  Made the plushies for my group that corresponded to our character … Read More

Erika – Shadowverse

Anime Expo 2017 Photographer: Mobius Photog I used to play a lot of Shadowverse (writing this in 2021). I also did think about cosplaying as Luna as she is my … Read More

Miku and SeeU – Military vers

[pfhub_portfolio_portfolio id=”24″] Hatsune Miku and SeeU from Vocaloid Miku: Mintyfox Cosplay SeeU: Emi Bubble Photographer: Mugen Concept FanArt from pixiv ID: 2631428 Costume worn at Anime Expo 2016

Kagamine Rin – Vocaloid Fear Garden

Kagamine Rin from Vocaloid Fear Garden Vers. Cosplay worn at Anime Expo® 2015 Photographs taken by @Mobius Photography [pfhub_portfolio_portfolio id=”34″] Photographs by Flare’s Photography & Videography [pfhub_portfolio_portfolio id=”35″]