Hanamaru Sunflowers – Love Live Sunshine

Photographer: SakuraPrincePhotography Date: June 2021 Finally started doing photoshoots again this month. I’m still playing it safe with 1:1 or small groups only. Don’t think I’ll do as many photoshoots … Read More

Flower Circle – Love Live SIFAC WIP

Made Flower Circle Watanabe You from SIFAC! This was a really fun cosplay to make, I enjoyed working with flowers and adding the overlay. Full work-in-progress available on Instagram @smilingbubble … Read More

Cheer Mari – Aqours

I didn’t have a photoshoot in this, just wore it at the 9th Love Live concert delayed viewing. Originally was in a cosplay group as Hanamaru, but ended up trading … Read More

Aqours Devil Idolized – Hanamaru

Character: Hanamaru Kunikida Version: Devil Idolized Series: Love Live Sunshine Photographers: @girlsbutts @sojians Location: LA county Pumpkin Fest Date: Oct 2019 Made this Hanamaru cosplay for 2019 Halloween. I’ve previously … Read More

Aqours Rock Gang- Hanamaru

Photographer: @sojians  Model: @smilingbubble Location: MODS Museum  Date: July 2019  Made this Hanamaru cosplay for Anime Expo Aqours concert 2019. Unfortunately, my full group got separated before a group photo, … Read More

Unidolized Aqours Angel

Had some miscommunication with the photographer, so I ended up filling in as a photographer for this group along with @wilson_the_pocket until another photographer could get here. I was actually … Read More

Card Captor Sakura Aqours

Anime Los Angeles 2019 my cosplay group did a cosplay of the Card Captor Sakura X Aqours set designed by @0_ChianChian_0 (Twitter) Since it was a fanart, everyone had to … Read More

Aqours Valentine Maid – Love Live

My first Hanamaru cosplay! I made most of the cosplays as a rush commission (which is where the bowing photo came from). Photographer: HDY Photography (group set)papablss (solo set) Chika … Read More