The Villain’s Savior (악역의 구원자) Review

I’m typing this out at 2AM since I just need to vent about this. 

I saw the webtoon online and remembered that the original novel has been in my shopping cart for a while and had a pretty good rating on some novel review sites. There are 5 volumes to this book, and overall the language was pretty easy to read/understand.

The Villain’s Savior revolves around Elija (or Elzay according to TappyToons) who was reincarnated as the novel’s main character’s twin sister and tries to save Asaph (or Aseph again on TappyToons) (the 1st volume novel’s antagonist) from himself. 

Rating: 4/5

Got annoyed at MC a few times, then at the Asaph. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you like #possessiveMP (male protagonist) #cunningMP #sadMPbackground #healingMC go for it.  

Overall it was a good novel but I do wish there was another volume that had more side stories. I looked on KakaoPage, but couldn’t find any more alternative ending or side stories available. Also surprised that this was rated at 15+ on KakaoPage since there wasn’t any age limitation on Aladin where I purchased it. 

Summery (SPOILER)

Main Story

Before reincarnating in this world, MC has read a book called “God’s Crest” (or “God’s Soulmark”) which is a 2 volume novel. Volume 1 focuses on Asaph who has been abused his whole life and falls in love with Elisa. Unfortunately, Elisa has a soul mark where her opposite half has the same soul mark on his body, and it belongs to the exiled prince, not Asaph. Unable to deal with this, Asaph sold his soul to the devil to get a matching soul mark and was later killed by the prince. After reading this book, MC dreams about Asaph being abused in various stages of life for a year. 

Elija shows up in this world as the older twin of Elisa, and is able to retain her memory about the book and memories as Elija’s past. Unfortunately, it is soon discovered that Elija has a soul mark and Asaph didn’t. So Elija decides to keep it a secret while Asaph tries to seduce her (initially for her name power, later for real) since she didn’t want to hurt him. After Asaph discovers about the soul mark Elija promises to only love him even if her ‘other half’ is found, while Asaph promises to himself to secretly kill that person.

The devil antagonist from the 2nd volume of the novel comes to Elija and tries to remove her soul mark. However, Asaph is able to save her. After Elija meets the prince, who asks about her and his soul mark. Elija finds out that the prince has his soul mark and knows the other half belongs to her sister. 

The prince and Asaph are able to hatch a plan to kill the devil and the king (who is being controlled by the devil). The devil is killed by Asaph and the king is quarantined in a small room by himself until he dies. Asaph is also able to get his soul mark that matches Elija’s. The reason the sign didn’t show up on Asaph was because he has once sold his soul to the devil and still carries the aftermath in this timeline. 

Side Story

The side story starts after a year that the couple gets married. Asaph was able to convince the (now) king to give him two weeks off work for their honeymoon. On this trip, they learned what happened to the sorcerers who survived the antagonist devil being killed. The story ends with a child being born between Asaph and Elija that has the mother’s eyes and father’s hair but no mention of the gender or the sister’s child. 

Alt Ending

The alternative ending is where Asaph kidnaps Elija. While being held hostage, Asaph (while high on drugs) tells Elija that he’ll be happier if she gave her life to him. He meant this as to stay by his side forever, but Elija thought it meant that she should literally give up her life for him. She kills herself while she’s alone in her hostage room and Asaph founds her dead with her suicide note. (I got pretty annoyed at this ending)