Top 10 Financial Youtube Channel Review

To prep myself for finally getting a steady stream of income, I started to watch a lot of finance videos in 2020. These are some finance channels that I like in general knowledge, loans, and investing. I also watch a lot more than this, but they haven’t really stuck with me as 

  1. I’m not really into property investment 
  2. Advice widely differ from one day to the next or too hyped
  3. No thought other than just reading the stock charts

If you have any financial Youtube channels that you like, please let me know! I’d love to check it out. 

General Knowledge 

Two Cents: If you’re starting from 0 knowledge, I think this is a great start. It’s also easy to follow with audio-only so I often have it as a BGM. They cover a wide range of financial topics and have an awesome graphics department. 

Minority Mindset: Think of this as one step above Two Cents, where you’re learning a lot but it’s more in-depth. 

Financial Diet: More vlog like and casual. It covers the smaller day-to-day personal finance and general life lessons. 

The Money Guy Show: Another YouTube channel that’s nice to listen to as BGM about general finance. 


Dave Ramsey: If I feel like I did bad with my money that day I’ll watch these shows, it’s cheaper than therapy. Personally prefer Chris Hogan most in Dave Ramsey personality crew. If you have debt, his debt snowball method works. 

Honest Finance: While this channel covers the general finance sector. The loan videos are really nice if you don’t know where to start. 


Stock Moe: Can be repetitive as most of his videos cover the EV market. He has a Patreon available that has several different portfolios, but I’ve been happy with the YouTube only. 

Let’s Talk Money:  Good place to start learning about the technical side of stocks. I also really like his email newsletters. Has a weekly livestream session.

Zip Trader: More geared towards day trading. I personally don’t day trade but it’s nice to know what the market is like within a day. His analysis is good too. Has a FB group and discord channel.