Unidolized Aqours Angel

Had some miscommunication with the photographer, so I ended up filling in as a photographer for this group along with @wilson_the_pocket until another photographer could get here. I was actually cosplaying as Hanamaru this day.

Photographer/Hanamaru: @smilingbubble

Ruby: @jing.r0ng

You: @yuna.banana

Chika: @kittymennie

Dia: @erikagamisews

Yohane: @hanazakari.cos

Mari: @kawaliicosplay

Riko: @princess_ashleia

Kanan: @spideyvix

Photo by @wilson_the_pocket

Usually for large cosplay groups like this I bring my DSLR as 1 photographer for 9 cosplayers can be too much, and usually take solo photographs if people want me to.

Camera: Canon T5i

Lens: YONGNUO 50mm f1.8

Set: Unidolized Aqours Angels

Series: Love Live Sunshine!

April 2019